The word “Kaleidoscope” is from three Greek words: “Kaleos” = Beautiful; “Eidos” = Shape; "Scopeo” = To look at or examine. Put together, they come to mean “Looking at beautiful shapes.” What a perfect description of a kaleidoscope! 

Wilde Originals has been making scopes for two decades, and now has a large range available for anyone from the gift giver to the collector. Always using the best front-surface mirror, all scopes are color coordinated carefully so that the outside colors will match the colors seen in the interior image. In addition, every Wilde Original scope has a small butterfly charm included in the object chamber - a nod to a close friend.

Classes are now offered, too, for those interested in making a scope all their own.

We invite you to explore these pages for photos and information on our line of quality kaleidoscopes.


For some time, Wilde Originals has been re-imagining nutcrackers as gifts. We are now offering these redecorated nutcrackers as a whimsical addition to our line of kaleidoscopes.

Taking inexpensive nutcrackers, all decorations are removed (including the hair), the figure is usually repainted (excpt for the face), and new trims added to dress up these wonderful items - rhinestones, costume jewelry, tassles, and braids.  All the work is done by the artist, and different colors and embellishments can be requested. 

We can take a nutcracker of yours and give him a new look! Add some whimsy to your decorating scheme, or celebrate an event - anything is possible.


Laura Wilde is a native Californian from the town of Fresno. She graduated from the University of Santa Clara, where she received a degree in Fine Arts. In 1983 she began her own company, Production Plus, offering freelance print direction; it was at about that time that she also purchased her first “grown-up” kaleidoscope and joined the Brewster Society, an international group of kaleidoscope enthusiasts (for more information on the Society, go to www.brewstersociety.com).

In 1996 she began making kaleidoscopes by hand under the name of Wilde Originals, and first introduced the Victorian Ladies kaleidoscopes - a cloth covered cardboard tube with a dry cell; over the years she has added various other designs to her line. Her most recent designs are Wood You Believe and the Ethereals.

Ms. Wilde currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area of California with her two cats, Autumn and Duchess.