This design is being introduced now - 2020. To provide that touch of bling for a desk, night stand, or coffee table, we are presenting a one piece, 2-mirror scope with fairly simple adornments.  Measuring 4 1/4" tall x 1 3/4" diameter, the bodies are aluminum, and the mirror systems are generally 4 or 5 point (snow is always 6). We will be offering a large number of different designs - some will be wrapped in prints of various semiprecious stones (opal, malachite, flourite, marble, agate, etc.), and some will be a metallic color (emerald green, rich blue, silver, gold, etc.); another list will include photo wraps of seashells, butterflies, dripping paint (have to see that one to believe it!), flowers, and more; all will have rhinestone trim. The cells are dry, and as is our own style, the interior fill will be matched to the exterior colors. Please revisit this site as we are in the process of further development on this design!





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