Collage was one of the first major kaleidoscopes introduced by Wilde Originals. These scopes feature tiles of polymer clay, hand made and painted by the artist. 


Rondel is our most popular design. Using photographs taken by the artist for the exterior (called the wrap), these are then covered in clear vinyl for protection.

Elegance is a smaller version using photography by other artists that are then matched by Ms. Wilde with sayings the reflect the photo.


Triad and Quad are the newest designs from Wilde Originals. Decorated with shells, tiles, mandalas, snowflakes, flowers, and a number of other items the exterior colors will match the interior colors, as is the tradition with Wilde Originals. 

Open Editions are scopes that will be made as long as we receive requests for them.  Different designs are added to these lines, so check back periodically for the latest and greatest.