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How Does Our Garden Grow? 

Introduced at the Brewster Society Convention in 2014, this presentation continues the story of Blue and his friends, this time featuring White. They set about welcoming their new friend, Multicolor, to the neighborhood by planting a garden for him. Along the way they realize the importance of working together for a common goal.

The set includes a box, a book, a scope, 42 magnetized floral tiles, 2 cells, and "fill" for 4 other color combos - or you can make your own. 

Is Blue Blue?

This book and kaleidoscope were introduced at the 2011 Brewster Society Convention. We meet Blue and his friends, and see how they come to realize that labels aren't always necessary - or correct! 

It comes in a box with a book and 9 cells - all are dry and the contents can be rearranged into any colors you might want. It also has two seperate bottoms - clear and solid, so transparent colors AND opaque colors can be played with. A small package of mandala stickers is included so you may decorate the exterior yourself. 

custom scopes

Custom scopes are a great way to celebrate an event, a friendship, a business, or any other memory. 

Scopes may be wrapped in a single photo or a collage, and even logos of favorite sports teams or a company. In the object chamber charms can continue a theme. Jewelry from the past can be added, or even miniature photos can be laminated and put inside.  Pricing depends on the quantity and whether Wilde Originals will need to work with several photos. 

To the right is a "casual" wedding wrap (photos of the couple traveling, etc.) and a "formal" wedding wrap (the couple is in their bridal clothes and photos of wedding rings, a bouquet, etc. are included).


Newly introduced at the 2018 Brewster Kaleidoscope Society's annual convention! Featuring the two sizes of the Wood You Believe scope, amost a puzzle effect is attained by mounting a dot-painted wood piece to the front. Shown are Fall Leaves, Winter, and Butterly.  These also come with a small base of wood still with its bark; some effects to echo the basic scope design are added. 2-mirror systems in each have three different silhouette effects provided - photos of same will be added soon. This is a limited edition of 5 in each set; 4 sets of each are remaining.